Odessa Rental apartments






How to book an apartment.

In high season (from April till September inclusive) we book apartments if your term of stay is not less than 5 nights (exclusive cases when shorter rentals are accepted).

An apartment is booked for you only after 1-2 nights’ deposit is provided (depends of the length of your stay).

In order to book an apartment in Odessa that you have chosen you will need to fill-in the form on the webpage of the apartment (tab “Book”). After receiving your inquiry we will send you an email with information on apartment and payment instructions. Before the prepayment of the deposit the apartment will be put on hold for 24 hours and will not be available for booking by other clients for your dates. If the deposit is not provided within 24 hours, we reserve the right to offer it to other clients.

Standard check-in time is 13:00. If you need to check-in before that time, early check-in can be possible only with payment for the previous night in the apartment. We advise to discuss early check-in while booking, since it may not be possible later on. The standard check-out time is 12:00. If you need to check-out later, this can be arranged with paying half-night fee for late check-out (not later than 17:00) or payment for additional night (for check-out after 17:00).

Please choose most convenient payment method:

After your inquiry has been discussed with the manager you can choose any payment method:

  • Locate Western Union (www.westernunion.com ) or Money Gram (www.moneygram.com ) agent closest to you, or you can send payment online from their web sites.
  • . In Western Union or Money gram agent location fill out a receipt with the following information required by WU or Money Gram:
    Recipient: Sergii Garanenko
    Pay Out Location: Odessa, Ukraine
    Address: Zhukovskogo st. 4, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine
    When transfer is sent, they will give you a Money Transfer Control Number, which we need to receive money. Email us this number, order details, the city and country from which the transfer was made and your full name. Money sent through Western Union will be received same day or next day.