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Ukraine, Odessa apartment ID:313 1360 uah

3-rooms apartment on 19 Srednefontanskaya str

Ukraine, Odessa apartment ID:304 1400 uah

3-rooms apartment on 5 Grecheskaya st.

This is a 3-rooms apartment that has 2 separate bedrooms (20 and 14 sq.m.), bathroom 7 sq.m. and a hall of 12 sq.m. There is a balcony with the entran … Details...
Ukraine, Odessa apartment ID:309 1420 uah

3-rooms apartment on 42 Nejinskaya st

Description - a 3-room apartment (2 bedrooms), has recently been repaired. Entry is from the quite yard through a separate from the neighbours … Details...
Ukraine, Odessa apartment ID:302 1440 uah

3-rooms apartment on 16 Pushkinskay st

A spacious two- bedroom apartment in a quiet yard. Entry is from the yard, entrance to the apartment is under lock and key. 3/3 floor. First bedroom i … Details...
Ukraine, Odessa apartment ID:312 1440 uah

3-rooms apartment on 43/Ak Hrecheskaya St

Ukraine, Odessa apartment ID:303 1460 uah

3-rooms apartment on 43 Grecheskaya st.

This is a spacious 3-rooms (2-bedrooms) apartment of Deluxe-class located in the very city center, modern renovation. The apartment is in rental from … Details...
Ukraine, Odessa apartment ID:314 1480 uah

3-rooms apartment on 24 Preobrajenskaya st

Ukraine, Odessa apartment ID:307 1500 uah

3-rooms apartment on 5 Genuezskaya st

This 3-rooms apartment is fully furnished, with modern renovation. The flat is located in a wonderful area of the city. The apartment has all necessar … Details...